Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Surge is Not Working! We need a Diplomatic Solution!

Democratic strategists James Carville and Stan Greenberg attributed their party's massive election losses earlier this month to poor messaging that made Democrats and the White House look "out of touch", The Hill reported on Thursday.

"A metaphor about a car in the ditch when people are in trouble and angry..., it's just out of touch with what's going on," said Greenberg.

"This is an almost Depression-like economic crisis that they minimized,'' Greenberg told reporters at a breakfast meeting Thursday, according to the LA Times. "They predicated everything as looking back – we got them out of the ditch. They're still in the middle of a crisis. This was a total mis-framing of the moment.''

Carville also criticized the Democratic message.

"What were they thinking?" he wondered out loud.

Asked if Obama appeared timid by not drawing a line in the sand with Republicans on certain issues, Carville, a former campaign adviser to Hillary Clinton, responded, "Well, I don't know, because I'm the guy that during the campaign said if Hillary gave him one of her balls, they'd both have two."

Carville and Greenberg, however, are grossly mistaken. They are both suffering from an extreme case of delusion, and, like Obama, they seem to be in a hallucinatory state of denial. They refuse to recognize that it is the failed policies of Obama and the Democratic Party - and not a messaging problem - that actually facilitated last week's elections blowout.

President Obama believed he could pull off a midterm election victory by means of demagoguery and ridicule. He thought he could achieve victory by deriding and ridiculing the Republicans, and by appealing to the lowest instincts of his hard core base: the extreme left-wing fringe of the Democratic Party.

At Democratic campaign rallies last month, the crowds laughed and cheered as Obama mocked Republicans and cast his rhetorical scorn upon them. But Obama failed to recognize that mainstream America had fallen into a state of despair, despondency and ire as a result of his failed, socialist-inclined policies, and even those among the mainstream who previously had fallen for Obama's superficially false message of hope, were not about to be hoodwinked again.

Contrary to Carville and Greenbergs' assessment, no amount of messaging could have changed the reality on the ground. It was too late for messaging, no matter what those messages may have been.

If Obama truly wishes to make amends with the American people, he will need to cross party lines and to conduct negotiations with the other side of the aisle - without preconditions. The President's rhetorical surge against the GOP and mainstream America is not working. The demagoguery and the ridicule-filled invectives must cease. For indeed, there is no military solution to this conflict.

A diplomatic solution, however, is still viable.

The President needs to reach out to mainstream America - or they will look elsewhere for leadership, like the Iraqis who are now looking to Iran for assistance, because, as they themselves have acknowledged, Obama has abandoned them for good.

Yes, a diplomatic solution is still viable, if Obama would only abandon his warmongering ways.


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