Monday, November 15, 2010

Obama, true to his word, brings 'real change' to America & Washington, DC

During his run for the Presidency, Barack Obama pledged that, if elected, he would bring about "real change" both in America and in Washington DC. And, lo and behold, less than two years into his Presidency, and Obama has already fulfilled his campaign pledge.

One only needs to read the following headline/article from the AP to realize that Obama has already ushered in the dramatic change that he promised to bring to the US and to Washington DC:

From the AP:
Obama lands back in CHANGED Washington

President Barack Obama landed in a politically-changed Washington after 10 days abroad...

Obama returned from Asia to reverberating aftershocks of mid-term elections which dealt Democrats a crushing defeat and handed Republicans the House of Representatives...

Flying into Washington on Air Force One on Sunday, after a trip that circled the globe, Obama reflected on the meaning of the election defeat two weeks ago...
As a result of his monumental policies, Barack Obama has managed - in his short tenure in office - to shift the balance in Congress, as evinced by the recent midterm elections. With newly elected members in the House and Senate, who represent the views of the American people - and not the views of a group of left wing fanatics - President Obama has indeed created change both in Washington DC and in the US - change we can believe in.

Obama has remained true to his word.

But one question still remains: Can Obama keep this incredible dynamic in motion until the 2012 Presidential elections and successfully bring about change in the White House and Oval Office too?

Only time will tell. But, if Obama turns out to be as successful over the next two years as he was during his first two years in office, 2012 will likely usher in some new, refreshing faces in the White House and Oval Office. And then Obama will have finally cemented his monumental legacy - the legacy of change - change we can ALL believe in.

Good luck, Mr. President!

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