Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mainstream media journalists, the 2012 Persons of the Year!

As Time Magazine proved in 1979, when it chose Iran's revolutionary leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, as its Person of the Year - 'virtue' is not a necessary criterion in winning the highly prestigious award.

The Person of the Year award is awarded for extraordinary achievements, and endeavors. Whether those achievements are of the virtuous and noble variety, or the heinous and nefarious genre, is irrelevant.

Hence, I have chosen the Liberal mainstream journalists as the 2012 Persons of the Year for their remarkable achievement in defending, protecting, obfuscating and covering up for President Obama.

The Benghazi cover-up is just one of numerous extraordinary journalistic achievements by the mainstream media on behalf of Obama. A nefarious achievement, no doubt, but a remarkable one nonetheless.

Hence, the mainstream media journalists have risen head and shoulders above all other candidates to be recognized as the 2012 Persons of the Year  - and they are clearly deserving of this prestigious, dubious and much belated honor.

Perhaps many of you are wondering how the mainstream media managed to beat out President Obama in snagging the 2012 honor.

"Hasn't the President successfully managed to pull the wool over the eyes of U.S. electorate?" you ask. "Did the mainstream media do a better job than Obama in obfuscating for Obama?" you ask.

A good question, indeed. But it's important to note that without the mainstream media's assistance, Obama - whose rhetorical skills and ability to pull the wool over the eyes of the U.S. electorate are clearly head and shoulders above all previous U.S. Presidents - would most likely not have won the Presidential elections in 2008 and 2012, and the [Illinois] U.S senatorial election in 2004.

Indeed, had it not been for the mainstream media, Obama would still be a Chicago community organizer, clinging bitterly to the outrageous, despicable words of his shining knight in armor, his revered pastor and mentor, Jeremiah Wright.

Hence, the mainstream media is the clear winner!

Congratulations, MSM!