Thursday, January 3, 2013

UAE snags Muslim Brotherhood spy ring attempting to overthrow, supplant government with Islamist rulership

President Obama's Muslim Brotherhood allies are causing quite a stir in the UAE. Apparently, the Muslim Brotherhood's spy operations inside the UAE, and the Brotherhood's ongoing efforts to overthrow the country's current leadership and supplant it with an Islamist rulership, is not sitting too well with the current leaders of the UAE.

From the AFP:
Mistrustful ties between Islamist-run Egypt and the United Arab Emirates deteriorated further this week with the reported arrest in the UAE of more than 10 Egyptians allegedly spying for Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.

The report, carried by the UAE newspaper Al-Khaleej, stirred a flurry of diplomacy and other activity as Egypt sought to limit the fall-out, which had the potential to add diplomatic woes to its already dire economic and domestic political problems...

Al-Khaleej, quoting an unidentified source it said was well-informed, reported on Tuesday that UAE security had broken a Brotherhood spy ring that had been collecting secret defense information on the country and illegally sending "large amounts" of money to its parent group in Egypt.

More than 10 people "belonging to the leadership of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood" had been arrested, the newspaper said, adding that the cell had been recruiting expatriate Egyptians in the UAE.

It reported that the cell had held "secret meetings" across the country with Brotherhood members who instructed it on "the means of changing leadership in Arab countries"...

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi came to power in June last year on the back of the uprising in his own country... Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood... took power through its political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, on a vision of establishing more Islamist rule.

The UAE, for its part, has become especially vigilant for any signs of insurgent sentiment, last year arresting at least 60 Islamist dissidents it claims were plotting against state security...

Dubai police chief Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan has repeatedly lashed out at the Arab Spring uprisings. After Morsi's election in June, Khalfan implied on his Twitter feed that the Brotherhood might try to sow dissent in the Gulf.
This would be the perfect time for President Obama to intervene on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood, and to call on the current UAE leadership to step down, just as he did in 2011, when he called on Egypt's former President, Hosni Mubarak, to resign. Obama could then help facilitate the transfer of power to the UAE's new Muslim Brotherhood [Islamist] government, thereby achieving his long-sought dreams of fostering a new sense of "hope" in the world and bringing about "real change" all across the globe..........

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