Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gun Violence: Obama to sign a slew of executive orders designed to curtail his abuse of executive power - Satire

President Obama said Wednesday he will issue a slew of executive orders in the coming weeks designed to curtail his excessive abuse of executive power, which, he said, resulted in an increase in gun violence both in Libya and along the Arizona-Mexican border.

Guns linked to the Obama administration's Fast and Furious gunrunning operation were found at the scene where U.S. border patrol agent, Brian Terry, was murdered, in 2010. Additionally, some retired military officials say they believe that some of the weapons used to kill four Americans in an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, last year, might have come from a cache of weapons that were part of a secret arms transfer to Libyan rebels approved by President Obama.

"I would prefer not to continue to abuse my executive powers with this latest onslaught of executive orders," the President said, "but my past abuse of executive powers has resulted in increased gun violence both in Libya and along the Arizona-Mexican border. Hence, I have little choice but to issue a new batch of executive orders that will make it illegal for me to abuse my executive powers, unless, and until, I sign an executive order stating otherwise."

The President also announced his decision to appoint Attorney General Eric Holder as the head of a new task force that will develop policies to help combat gun violence.

"Eric has done a remarkable job in restricting the flow of firearms to Mexican drug cartels," the President said, "and I believe he is the right person to lead this new task force. Like me, Eric is a man of extreme integrity, and his track record in reducing gun violence is beyond belief! Give it up for Eric!"

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