Monday, January 6, 2014

10-year old sister of Taliban commander nearly carries out suicide attack in Taliban-infested Helmand province

From Yahoo News:
Police [on Sunday] captured a would-be suicide bomber child and foiled Taliban's attempt to conduct a suicide attack, said Hamidullah Sediqi, a police officer.

"The 10-years old Spoghmai who was attempting to carry out suicide attack against police disguising herself to fetch up water from a stream at nearby police checkpoint Sunday evening was fortunately identified and captured," Sediqi said.

He also confirmed that Spoghmai's brother Zahir is Taliban local commander and has been fighting against government in the province.

The interior minister has also confirmed the arrest of the suicide bomber in the southern Helmand province.

"A 10-year child named Spoghmai, who was attempting to carry out suicide attack against police force in Khanshin district of Helmand province Sunday evening, was identified and arrested," a statement of interior ministry said Monday.

During investigation, the girl revealed that her brother named Zahir who is a Taliban fighter had encouraged her to conduct suicide attack, the statement said.
The child, according to various news media outlets, was wearing a suicide vest.
Notorious for growing poppy and militancy, Helmand has been regarded as Taliban hotbed in the conflict-hit Afghanistan.
Some experts are predicting that, by year's end, Helmand province will be governed by the Taliban, or people closely connected to the Taliban, as more and more coalition troops withdraw from the region as part of President Obama's exit strategy.

Elsewhere in Afghanistan, Yahoo News reported that a rocket fired by Taliban militants struck a civilian car in the Gereshk district on Saturday claiming the lives of four civilians.

In the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan, an American soldier was killed on Saturday when his unit was attacked by rocket propelled grenades, the AP reported.

Also, on Saturday, an explosion hit one of the entrances of Camp Eggers, a predominantly American military base in the heart of the Afghan capital, Kabul, but no casualties were reported.

According to Reuters, "the bomb had targeted a military convoy near Camp Eggers, an ISAF base in the diplomatic quarter of the capital close to both the German and Italian embassies... Reuters reporters heard sirens and helicopters flying overhead, and a loudspeaker announcement ordered troops at the base to load their weapons and take up defensive positions."