Friday, January 31, 2014

Palestinian Authority's new ties to Iran means Israeli, Palestinian accords is now unequivocally an existential threat to the State of Israel

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas sent Senior Palestinian Authority and Fatah Central Committee member Jabril Rajoub to Tehran earlier this week to conduct a series of meetings with Iranian officials, Reuters reported.

"Our ties with Iran are improving and we look for more opening and progress in this relationship," said Abbas Zaki, a senior member of the Fatah Central Committee.

Mr. Rajoub met with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Tuesday. After the meeting, Rajoub told reporters that "a new chapter of relations has started based on mutual respect."

Palestinian officials noted that the Obama administration has not objected to recent overtures that Mahmoud Abbas has made to the Iranian regime.

Par for the course.....

The willingness of the Palestinian authority to warm up to Iran essentially means that any future accord between the PA and Israel - with new borders being drawn up - will place the State of Israel in Iran's crosshairs.

There's no way to spin this one; it's official now: The Israeli/Palestinian accord is clearly an existential threat to the State of Israel.


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