Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rouhani deletes "Surrender" tweet in an effort to perpetuate his deceptive ruse

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani tweeted on Tuesday that President Obama had "surrendered" to Iran when the latter signed off on the Geneva agreement that authorized the Iranian regime to continue its nuclear enrichment program while significantly softening the international sanctions on Iran

"In Geneva agreement world powers SURRENDERED to Iranian nation's will," Rouhani tweeted.

Rouhani made a similar statement during a speech on Tuesday.

"The Geneva deal means the surrender of big powers before the great nation of Iran!" Rouhani exclaimed.

White House press secretary, Jay Carney, told reporters on Tuesday that Rouhani's statement was no big deal.

Truth be told, Mr. Carney is absolutely correct - considering that the Obama Presidency, from day one, has always been about surrendering to the enemy.

In fact, "Surrender" is actually a nice, and flattering, word in the Obama lexicon.

However, Mr. Rouhani, apparently, has come to the realization that, while the aforementioned tweet was indeed truthful, and while Mr. Obama might have been flattered by the tweet - in truth, it did not reflect well on Mr. Rouhani's newfound friend in the White House, President Obama. Moreover, the tweet did not reflect well on the deceptive subterfuge that Rouhani is desperately seeking to consummate. Hence, the tweet has since been deleted, thus enabling Mr. Rouhani's ruse to continue unhindered, full steam ahead.