Monday, June 23, 2008

The Audacity of Dissemblance

Quotes from the World Wide Web:

"Obama, who emerged from the polluted waters of Chicago politics, has played his game with brilliant efficiency. Very few politicians are able to pull off not only appearing to be different than they are, but appearing to be the opposite of what they are. And even fewer have the gift of denouncing what they embody and getting away with it. Yet my sense is something fundamental is changing in how we view Obama..."
Peter Wehner, National Review Online

"When an aide once asked Huey Long how he was going to explain to a group of important constituents why the “Kingfish” had gone back on a campaign promise, Long said, simply, “F*** ’em. Tell ’em I lied".

"This probably wouldn’t work for Obama. But maybe his apologists — those people who still believe in change, hope, and a new kind of politics — could try out a variation on Huey’s classic. How about, “F*** ’em. Tell ’em I was being audacious".”
Geoffrey Long, National Review Online

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