Thursday, June 12, 2008

"I Endorse Barack Obama for President"

Excerpted from Red State:

"I take an unusual step today. I realize that a number of my friends, family, and closest associates will no doubt disown me... but I have to endorse Barack Obama for President... He has done all I have asked, and now I should do at least one thing he asks and give him my support.

"When I beat up Obama for failing to repudiate Rev. Wright, Obama threw him under the bus.

"When I punched Obama for telling the Teamsters he'd let them out of federal supervision, he backed down on that through a statement "clarification."

"After I questioned Obama's patriotism because of his lack of a flag lapel pin, he put one on.

"After harassing Obama for saying Iran was no threat, he willingly changed his mind and decided Iran is, in fact, a serious threat....

"...When I bullied Obama over not going to Iraq with John McCain, his campaign decided he might just go.

"Heck, I even picked on him for his "unilateral meetings with rogue nations" and he graciously nuanced his way out of it.

"Then there's the other stuff like his fully transparent campaign. He harassed John McCain for being secretive..., I punched back, and Obama released just one page on his medical history so we couldn't see that he actually has health problems due to his continued smoking.... - Read in full.