Friday, June 6, 2008

Would Obama Survive a Background Check to Serve in the US Military?

A poster on the Free Republic wonders: "Would Obama Survive a Background Check to Serve in the US Military?"
The Democrats are on the brink of nominating an individual to serve as our Commander in Chief who would likely not qualify to be a basic military enlistee, based on his associations.

The typical things that the military looks for during routine enlistment background checks for recruits are associations with people or organizations that wish harm to the United States. [Bill Ayers?] They also look for ties to radical religious organizations and individuals, [Jeremiah Wright?] and association with those who have connections with openly hostile countries, such as Syria (Tony Rezko has dual citizenship and traveled there regularly).

Unfortunately, there is no such background check for anyone running for president. How ironic that a basic enlisted military recruit faces more rigorous screening than the Commander in Chief!

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