Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eddie Izzard, UK Citizen, Admits He Contributed Money to Obama Campaign

Watch the following YouTube video as renowned British comedian, Eddie Izzard, tells CNN that he made a donation to Barack Obama's Presidential campaign. Izzard says that as a citizen of the UK he couldn't vote for Obama, so he supported his candidacy by making a donation to his campaign.

According to the FEC's records, Mr. Izzard donated $2,300 to Obama's campaign - under an LA address.

Now, Mr. Izzard may be a stand-up comedian, but a $2,300 foreign contribution to Obama is no laughing matter - and neither are the countless other foreign donations that Obama received.


Anonymous said...

I, as a citizen of the United States, thank Eddie Izzard and all those who contributed to the renewal of a sane and giving society. The last eight years have been deplorable but perhaps they were needed to wake us up!

Phil said...

Too bad it's strictly illegal for Obummer to accept this donation. Just one more example of how he and his cronies feel they are above the law and sadly he'll likely never be called on it.

Anonymous said...

Although technically illegal, I'm fairly sure Izzard didn't swing the election with this donation! Izzard, like much of the UK, supported Obama and his donation makes a statement to show it. US politics has a profound effect on the UK so I don't see why citizens of the UK can't make small donations like this.

DallasDeckard said...

Anonymous, you may not "see why citizens of the UK can't make small donations like this", but that doesn't really matter. It is illegal for him to take this donation. I love how liberals have no problem bending the law when it suits them, but if a Republican does it... they'll be screaming for him/her to be hung by the heels.

Our society was "sane and giving", but now it has been replaced with people who want to take money from the people and have the government run everything, when it can't even run what it is(n't) running.

The past eight years have been wonderful! No terrorist activities on American soil and a renewed power throughout the world.

The problem with most people in this country is, they think that everything should be easy. They think if too many people don't agree with you, then you're doing something wrong. They are the kind of people who would have crucified Christ, just because most people wanted it. They have this left-over bullcrap from the hippie generation that everybody should love everybody and when that doesn't happen, everyone is wrong.

Some people don't understand that you can't "dialog" with some people. Sometimes you have to fight, and sometimes it's hard, very hard. In fact, there are often times when if someone *isn't* opposing you, you're doing something wrong.

Mark my word, Obama's Presidency someday will be viewed as Carter's... a sad chapter in our nation's history.

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