Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NPR Analyst: If Obama Is satisfied, I suppose We Must All Be!

On NPR's 'Weekend Edition' on Saturday, host Scott Simon asked NPR senior news analyst Daniel Schorr if there was a conflict of interest between Bill Clinton's foreign connections and Hillary Clinton's duties as secretary of State:
SCOTT SIMON: Does Bill Clinton become a complicating factor? Because he not only has financial interests all over the world one way or another, but in some ways, he's been conducting his own foreign policy campaign.

SCHORR: Well, somewhat. Well, he could be a problem but apparently he has satisfied Mr. Obama that he will not be a problem. He has surfaced everything that he got in the way of money from Arab and other countries for his library and for himself. He apparently has given a promise that in the future, he will not do anything in his own travels around the world that will interfere with his wife as secretary of state. And if the president-elect is satisfied, I suppose we must all be.

H/T Newsbusters