Sunday, November 9, 2008

Farrakhan Praises Obama!

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on Sunday hailed Barack Obama as a leader with extraordinary vision, during a sermon delivered at Mosque Maryam, the movement's headquarters.

Farrakhan went on to say that "There are some who believe that the reason" the White House "is called the White House is because only a White person should be in that house. And for a black person being there other than as a baker or a cook or a security person, some would see that as sacrilege...."

Farrakhan also echoed Obama's contention that Iran does not pose a serious threat to the US:

"Iran is pressing for more nuclear knowledge and nuclear proficiency. Is that against International law? No, it is not," he said. "Iran says that she's not interested in producing weapons of mass destruction. That she wants to have nuclear energy plants that would allow her not to depend on the oil beneath her surface! Are there ways that Iran can be monitored and the truth of their assertions verified? Yes, there are!"

I suppose that's why IAEA chief, Mohamed ElBaradei conceded several weeks ago that he could not "achieve full clarity regarding the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in Iran," and why US intelligence experts are having difficulty monitoring Iran's nuclear activity.

"Don't you think it would be foolish for Iran to do anything with a nuclear weapon knowing that Israel has many more and is much more proficient with nuclear technology...," Farrakhan continued. "It would be suicide for Iran to even entertain the thought of using any nuclear weapon against Israel or any country in that region. Regardless to how she feels [about Israel]! A lot of people don't feel good about other people, but as long as they don't attack them, they'd gladly just get over your damn feelings!"

I must admit, it's reassuring to know that someone of Farrakhan's stature is in total agreement with Barack Obama's political views. Ultimately, if Obama is to succeed in carrying out his political agenda, he'll need all the support he can get. And what better means of support can he get, than Louis Farrakhan's stamp of approval.........

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