Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bermudian Premier Denounced as a Dictator for acting Unilaterally

From Reuters:
Hundreds of protesters called for Bermudian Premier Ewart Brown to step down on Tuesday and accused him of acting like a dictator in allowing four Guantanamo prisoners from China to settle on the mid-Atlantic island.

Some 600 people gathered outside Parliament in the island's capital Hamilton, waving banners and chanting "Brown must go" as they marched to the Cabinet office...

The United States last week sent to the British territory four members of China's Muslim Uighur minority who had been held at the Guantanamo prison camp... U.S. politicians blocked efforts to release them in the United States.

The British government complained that it had not been consulted about the deal and questioned whether Brown had authority to admit the Uighurs.

In Bermuda, opponents who had earlier accused Brown of autocracy also condemned him for acting unilaterally.
Reminds me of a post I wrote last week about this episode, entitled, "Obama's Unilateral Foreign Policy, a far cry from Bush's Multilateral Approach".
Janice Battersbee, who described herself as a lifelong supporter of Brown's Progressive Labour Party, stepped up to the microphone when Brown invited the protesters to send a representative to speak.

"The leadership of this country seems to be on a course heading toward dictatorship that the majority of Bermudians are no longer willing to tolerate," Battersbee said.

"This latest action is the final straw. We are fed up, disgusted, disrespected and angry."
Interesting, indeed. If the Bermudians are calling their own Premier an autocrat and a dictator for acting unilaterally, I wonder what words they would use to describe President Obama, the one who sent the Uighurs to Bermuda - unilaterally - without the consent of both the British government and the Bermudian people?

Hmmm. I could only imagine.....


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