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Jimmy Carter: the true father of the Islamic Revolution

Debka is reporting that a recent foiled assassination plot against former president Jimmy Carter - during his visit to Gaza last week- was perpetrated by a Palestinian al Qaeda cell.
DEBKAfile's military sources confirm that the Army of Islam, the Palestinian al Qaeda cell in Gaza tried to assassinate former US president Jimmy Carter by planting a 200-kilo bomb in the path of his exit through the Erez crossing after he held sympathetic talks with its Hamas rulers.

Hamas sappers defused the device but later denied it was there.

Carter promises to urge President Barack Obama to remove the Palestinian extremist organization [Hamas] from the US list of designated terrorists.

Our sources note that US citizens are forbidden to enter the Gaza Strip and West Bank for fear Hamas or other Palestinian groups, including those linked to al Qaeda, will take them hostage. Carter got around the ban by entering with a UN escort.
It should also be noted, that it was Jimmy Carter who laid the groundwork for the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's take over of Iran in 1979.

Excerpted from the Canada Free Press:

While [former president, Jimmy] Carter was visiting his favorite terrorists [last week], all hell was breaking loose on the streets of Tehran. This seemed a fitting background to his meeting Middle East shenanigans, since Jimmy is really the father of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the rule of the nutcase mullahs.

Let’s remember Jimmy’s record in the White House. As soon as Carter assumed the oath of office, the White House became peopled with characters out of Li’l Abner’s Dog-patch..., including his beer-guzzling brother Billy, who came to receive a mysterious payment of $2.5 million from the Libyan government...

Before Jimmy entered the White House, America’s closest friend and ally in the Muslim world was Iran’s Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who ascended to the Peacock Throne as shah (the Persian word for king) in 1941.

The shah modernized Iran by launching the so-called “white revolution,” a massive attempt to Westernize the Persian country through the construction of roads, railways, airports..., public health, education, and welfare programs...

By the 1960s, Iran’s back-alley bazaars became transformed into Fifth Avenue shops. Rock ‘n roll blared from the radio stations. Movie theaters showed the latest Hollywood flicks, and programs...

But not all Iranians were pleased with the changes. The Shi’ite clerics viewed the democratic changes as diabolic. The straw that broke the camel’s back came with the shah’s democratic ruling that Iranian officials were free to take their oath of office on whatever holy scripture they preferred.. The mullahs under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini rose to condemn the shah in mosques and seminaries and to demand his removal from the throne.

Enter Jimmy Carter. Instead of supporting America’s ally, Jimmy, true to his form as a turncoat, supported the Ayatollah as a “fellow man of religion.” Andrew Young, Carter’s ambassador to the UN, went so far as to call Khomeini, who sanctioned sex with cows and camels, a “misunderstood saint.”

When Khomeini launched his evil revolution, Carter refused to provide the shah with any kind of military assistance despite the pleading of the shah. Instead, Jimmy demanded that he release from prison all the murderous mullahs and militant radicals who were bound and determined to overthrow the government and to impose an intransigent interpretation of shariah (Muslim law) on every Iranian. The shah acquiesced to this demand and the rest is history.

The Ayatollah - - Carter’s misunderstood saint - - came to power and launched a bloodbath that resulted in the deaths of twenty-thousand pro-Western Iranians. Churches and synagogues were razed, cemeteries desecrated, and shrines vandalized and demolished.... To top things off, the Muslim militants overran the U.S. embassy in Tehran and seized sixty Americans as hostages.

Good ole Jimmy responded by his infamous “malaise speech” of July 15, 1979 in which the former peanut former expressed his belief that America had lost its guts and remained in a state of near senility. The shah was treated by the Carter White House as a pariah...

The Islamic Revolution in Iran fanned the flames of jihad throughout the world and gave birth to al Qaeda [the organization that reportedly tried to bump off Mr. Carter in Gaza last week] and hundreds of other Muslim terror groups.

In recent years, the former peanut farmer has been cultivating friendships with such rabid anti-American dictators as Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and Kim Jong-il.

Sound familiar?
And now Jimmy, ever true to form, is demanding that we embrace Hamas and Hezbollah as our friends - - just as he embraced the crazed Khomeini and the mad mullahs.

Thanks, Jimmy, but no thanks.
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Meanwhile, President Obama refuses to "meddle" in the Iranian Mullah's internal affairs. What's more, he thinks "it's a disgrace" that the US has refused to talk with the Iranian regime.

'Birds of a feather', indeed!

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