Friday, June 26, 2009

Hezbollah working with Iranian Regime in post-election crackdown

State Department spokesman Ian Kelly on Monday told reporters that invitations were still standing for Iranian diplomats to attend July 4 celebrations at US embassies around the world. However, after receiving heavy criticism over the matter, the Obama administration, on Wednesday, finally decided to rescind the invitation.

Yesterday, the AFP quoted the Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General as saying that the US officials close to the Obama administration had asked to speak with Hezbollah.

However, according to recent reports coming out of Iran, Hezbollah operatives are currently assisting the Iranian regime in its brutal suppression of Iranian protesters. Thus, the question arises: Will the Obama administration rescind its offer to meet with Hezbollah, or will it continue to reach out to the terrorist organization, and perhaps, even treat the thugs to a July 4 barbecue?

From UK reporter, Robert Tait:
The man, who has come from a small town in the eastern province of Khorasan and has never been in Tehran before, says he is being paid 2m rial (£122) to assault protesters with a heavy wooden stave. He says the money is the main incentive as it will enable him to get married and may even enable him to afford more than one wife.

Leadership of the volunteers has been provided by a man known only as "Hajji", who has instructed his men to "beat the counter-revolutionaries so hard that they won't be able to stand up".

The volunteers, most of them from far-flung provinces such as Khuzestan, Arak and Mazandaran, are being kept in hostel accommodation, reportedly in east Tehran. Other volunteers, he says, have been brought from Lebanon, where the Iranian regime has strong allies in the Hezbollah movement. They are said to be more highly-paid than their Iranian counterparts and are put up in hotels. The last piece of information seems to confirm the suspicion of many Iranians that foreign security personnel are being used to suppress the demonstrators....

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