Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What?! You didn't know Mousavi was a thug?!

Ed Morrissey cites a post in CQ Politics which quotes several former US officials linking then-Prime Minister of Iran, Mir Hossein Mousavi, to the 1983 attack in Lebanon that killed more than 240 US marines.

From CQ Politics:
"The Iranian ambassador received instructions from the foreign minister to have various groups target U.S. personnel in Lebanon, but in particular to carry out a 'spectacular action' against the Marines," said [retired Navy Admiral James "Ace"] Lyons.

In 1983 Lyons was deputy chief of Naval Operations, and deeply involved in the events in Lebanon."He was prime minister [in the 1980'S]," Lyons said of Mousavi, "so he didn't get down to the details at the lowest levels. "But he was in a principal position and had to be aware of what was going on."...

But [Bob] Baer, a former CIA Middle East field officer whose exploits were dramatized in the George Clooney movie "Syriana," places Mousavi even closer to the Beirut bombings.

"He dealt directly with Imad Mughniyah," who ran the Beirut terrorist campaign and was "the man largely held responsible for both attacks," Baer wrote in TIME over the weekend.
Morrissey concludes:
"Yes, this could possibly be an “oppo dump,” but that would require us to question the integrity of Admiral Lyons, which I won’t do. I’d trust that he’s telling the truth, until someone proves him wrong."
Ed! What is there to question?

Last week I cited several sources that indicate just how much of a thug Mousavi really is. He was put in charge of Hezbollah operations by the late Ayatollah, Ruhollah Khomeini. Is there any reason not to believe Mousavi wasn't involved in the 1983 Hezbollah operation? Let me rephrase that question: Is is it even possible that Mr. Mousavi wasn't involved in the 1983 Hezbollah attack?

Let's recap what I wrote last week:

In an interview with the New York Times in 1981 Mir Hossein Mousavi defended the taking of American hostages from the US Embassy in 1979, saying “it was the beginning of the second stage of our revolution, it was after this that we rediscovered our true Islamic identity."

Mousavi was also one of the founders of Hezbollah. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini put him on the Hezbollah leadership council when the group was created in 1982-1983.

Mousavi coordinated the financing of Hezbollah and set up a scheme so that Hezbollah would get a share of Iranian oil sales.

Mousavi was also prime minister at the end of the Iran-Iraq war in 1988 when tens of thousands of political prisoners were murdered in cold blood on the orders of Ayatollah Khomeini.

Yes, Ed, this could possibly be an “oppo dump,” but that would require us to question the integrity of all those sources that I've cited, which I won’t do, because I'm sure I can find a dozen other sources saying the exact same thing.

Ed! Mir Hossein Mousavi was in charge of Hezbollah and all its terrorist operations! The man is a thug and he was responsible for the attack that killed more than 240 US marines. Period!

Nevertheless, Morrissey hits the nail right on the head with the following paragraph:
Does that make the uprising in Iran less legitimate? No. In fact, as I’ve written many times in the past week, it just points out the stupidity of the mullahs in fumbling the rigged election in the first place. Mousavi would have played ball had mullahs allowed him to take office — perhaps somewhat less enthusiastically than Ahmadinejad, but still Mousavi would have worked within the system. They’ve practically forced Mousavi to serve as a beacon for the opposition that wants the mullahs out of power...
And, that's the point! It's not about Mousavi, it's about toppling the Mullocracy, the regime, the miscreants that Obama insists on cozying up to. It's about standing up for the Iranian people, who yearn for freedom and Democracy, the very ideals that Obama scorns and refuses to propagate. It's about "Change", the very slogan that is slowly, but surely, wreaking havoc upon the entire free world.

Ed, I'm sorry about the hostile tone. I'm just a little bit piqued right now. No, you are not to blame. It's Obama.

I'm sorry.

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