Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Golfer-in-Chief sets personal Golf record; 'Keeps the ball rolling'

From the The White House Dossier via the USA Today:
After golfing at a Marine Corps base [in Hawaii on] Monday, Obama has so far totaled 32 golf outings this year, topping the totals in each of the first two years of his presidency.
The White House Dossier notes that Obama has "gone golfing 90 times in less than three years as president. That’s about three months of golf, given that the excursions generally take about five hours – much of the useful portion of the day."

One of Obama's supporters noted shortly after the 2008 Presidential election that "change only comes if we keep the ball rolling."

Commenting on Obama's 2010 State of the Union address, the Communist Party USA website wrote: "Last night the president got the ball rolling, but he didn't roll it far enough."

Well, Obama is a persistent man who refuses to give up, which is why he'll continue to play golf, non-stop, until he is able to get that ball rolling "far enough" and until he succeeds in sinking the entire country down a bottomless hole........


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