Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WH holding Omnibus bill hostage in payroll tax debate - Press Briefing, Jay Carney - 12/13/11

The White House press pool on Tuesday grilled Press Secretary, Jay Carney, on a number of issues, primarily on President Obama's decision to hold the omnibus spending bill hostage for political gain: in order to gain leverage in the payroll tax debate.

The President - using his hostage ploy as leverage - is trying to force the GOP to acquiesce to his tax-hike initiatives. But by holding the omnibus bill hostage for the purpose of extracting his long-sought ransom, he could force a government shutdown - a dire prospect, indeed.

The President, in past disagreements with Republican lawmakers, has referred to them as hostage-takers. Apparently, he knows a thing or two about hostage-taking....

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