Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Obama hypocrisy: Joplin High School commencement address - "Generosity, Selfishness" - Tornado

Addressing the graduating seniors of Joplin High School during a commencement speech on Monday, President Obama praised the selfless response of the Joplin community, and other kindhearted individuals, in the aftermath of the horrific tornadoes that struck the city last year. But the President cautioned the students that "as you begin the next stage in your journey, you will encounter greed and selfishness; ignorance and cruelty. You will meet people...who believe looking after others is only for suckers."

"But", the President added, "you [the students] are from Joplin. So you will remember, you will know, just how many people there are who see life differently; those who are guided by kindness and generosity and quiet service."

Ironically, the President's response in the immediate aftermath of the tornado clearly fits into the former category of individuals, and not the latter. For indeed, on that very same day, shortly after tornadoes ripped through Joplin Missouri and other parts of the Midwest, the President departed on a week-long trip to Europe. While the victims of the storms were trying to recover from the horrific disaster, Obama had more pressing needs to tend to in Europe - like searching for his Irish roots and finding an authentic Irish pub that serves genuine Guinness ale. [The President knocked down a pint of Guinness ale, but only after he received assurances that the drink was Perfect - the Real Thing.]

161 people died during the tornado, more than 1000 people were injured, and, at the time of the President's getaway, 29 - 40 people were still unaccounted for.

Finally, after returning from his week-long getaway to Europe, the President spoke at a memorial service in Joplin for the victims of the tornado. At the memorial service, the President affirmed his "Love" for Joplin. He didn't need to declare his "Love" for Ireland and for Guinness beer, as, [unlike Joplin], that fact was already well-known.....

City officials estimated at the time that about 8,000 houses and apartment buildings were destroyed by the tornado. That means thousands of Joplin residents were left homeless. And yet, despite all the victims, the injured and the homeless, President Obama departed on his trip to Europe and returned home a full week after the tornado had struck. And of course, not even a peep from the liberal mainstream media; for indeed, the Messiah is above all reproach.....

Yep, the President's commencement address was par for the course; the usual and typical hypocrisy...


cynthia said...

How convenient that no one remembers how hard it was to get this malignant narcissist to even acknowledge that Joplin, a conservative community in Southwest Missouri (the Bible Belt) was even worth his (the President's) time and attention.
I cannot even count the number of tornado-ravaged homes that had 'Obama Go Home' scrawled on their garage doors. We did not want his attention, we did not want him to soil our community with his presence, and when he invited himself to use Joplin's graduation as his own personal political photo-op . . . I cannot even tell you how this community's hatred and disgust for this pretender escalated.

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