Thursday, May 17, 2012

White House downplays 'Green on Blue' attacks in Afghanistan - Press Briefing

One third of all American troop casualties in Afghanistan this year have been at the hands of Afghan security forces.

35 coalition troops were killed as a result of these "green on blue" attacks last year. So far, in the first trimester of 2012, there have been 15 such attacks that have resulted in the deaths of 20 NATO service members. Roughly half of the casulaties were U.S. soldiers.

Nevertheless, White House National Security adviser, Tom Donilon, in a desperate attempt to prop up the Obama administration's exit strategy in Afghanistan, said Thursday, during a White House press briefing, that these "green on blue" casualty numbers are "small"....

One third of all American troop casualties is "small"? Hmmm.......

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