Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bill Clinton Uses Jimmy Carter Arithmetic to defend Obama economy - Democratic National Convention

Speaking at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, former President, Bill Clinton, used a bit of faulty arithmetic, and a disingenuous and fallacious argument to coax the American people into believing that Barack Obama is actually growing the economy. Mr. Obama and former President Jimmy Carter have used this same argument in the past to try to pull the wool over the American peoples' eyes.

Mr. Clinton also borrowed a line from the late former President, Ronald Reagan. But sadly, the Reagan quote actually weakened the case for Mr. Obama's re-election.

See the video below.

Incidentally, it is worthy to note what Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, recently pointed out: Barack Obama is actually doing a worse job in handling the U.S. economy than Mr. Carter had done during his Presidency. The unemployment rate under Carter was 7.8% - which is lower than the current unemployment rate. And, the number of businesses that have filed for bankruptcy under Obama, thus far, is much, much, larger than it was during Carter's Presidency.

Which means it is time for 'Change'; time to move forward; time to elect Mitt Romney as the next President of the United States.