Sunday, September 16, 2012

White House admits criticism of Romney a ploy to deflect attention from Libya debacle

I already noted the following point in a previous post, but I felt it should be noted in a seperate and exclusive post:

President Obama - ever the smooth politician that he is - thus far, has managed to deflect attention from his epic failures in the Libya and Egypt embassy attacks by criticizing Mitt Romney's statements on the matter. And, in a surprising moment of candor, White House officials even admitted that this was the case, according to the New York Times;

The Times notes that the upheaval in Libya, Egypt etc. beckons the following questions:

"Did [Obama] do enough during the Arab Spring to help the transition to democracy from autocracy? Has he drawn a hard enough line against Islamic extremists? Did his administration fail to address security concerns?"

The Times goes on to say: "These questions come at an inopportune time domestically as Mr. Obama enters the fall campaign with a small lead in polls. His policies escaped serious scrutiny in the initial days after the attack that killed four Americans in Libya last week, in part because of the furor over a statement by Mitt Romney.... White House officials said they recognized that if not for Mr. Romney’s statement, they would have been the ones on the defensive."

Yep. The politician-in-chief, managed to deflect attention from his epic failures in Libya, Egypt etc. by pointing his fingers at Mr. Romney. What's more, the cunning strategy appears to have had the desired effect; Obama's poll numbers have actually gone up in recent days. Incredible!