Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Violence erupts in Egypt and Libya, bringing hope and change to the region!

An American staffer in the U.S. embassy in [Benghazi], Libya was reportedly shot to death and several others were wounded Tuesday when a huge mob carrying automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades stormed the embassy and set the building ablaze. Update: Four Americans [diplomatic personnel] were killed in the attack.

Looters hauled office furniture and appliances from the embassy. Others entered the compound to take photos with their cellphones.

In Cairo, Egypt, thousands of demonstrators stormed the U.S. Embassy, took down the American flag and destroyed it, then replaced it with a black flag similar to the banner used by Al Qaeda. For several hours, the Egyptian police remainded indifferent to the violence and made no effort to confront the demonstrators until, at long last, they removed the demonstrators from the embassy compound.

"Take a picture, we are all Osama," was among the various anti-American chants that the crowd yelled out toward the embassy.

Tuesday marked the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and, as Americans here in the U.S. commemorated the tragic event with solemn memorial services, the Egyptian and Libyan thugs celebrated the anniversary in their usual manner.

A Libyan pedestrian, who witnessed the embassy attack, said that one protester "told me very proudly not to pass because we have burned the American consulate."

Demonstrators said that they were merely protesting an American film that was deemed offensive to their moral and upright sensitivities. Heh.....

The murder, mayhem and violent 9/11 anniversary celebrations - which just happened to be carried out on the very day that the 9/11 attacks occurred - were all perpetrated in response to the film. Yeah, right, heh.......

Shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, then-Illinois State Sen. Obama proclaimed that, "Most often", tragedies like the 9/11 attacks "grow[s] out of a climate of poverty and ignorance, helplessness and despair..." [Heh.]

"We will have to devote far more attention to the monumental task of raising the hopes and prospects of embittered children across the globe", he added.

The aforementioned proclamation from Obama - a genuine heartfelt and empathetic response to the 9/11 attacks [heh] - hits the nail on the head. And, indeed, on Tuesday, the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it was this kind of hopelessness and despair that compelled thousands of demonstrators to commit murder, mayhem and unbridled destruction. [Heh.]

Indeed, none of us can truthfully say that we would have the capacity, and forbearance, to watch a film we deem offensive, without responding in similar cold-blooded and murderous fashion. It's human nature! Or, as Obama explained so articulately shortly after 9/11, it is "hopelessness and despair".

And, to quote Obama once again, "We will have to devote far more attention to the monumental task of raising the hopes and prospects of" these "embittered", murderous thugs. [Heh.....]

On a more happier note, the violence in Egypt and Libya, a continuation of the Arab Spring , is clearly a confirmation of the sentiments shared by President Obama and Osama Bin Laden, namely, that the winds of change are blowing over the Muslim and Arab world. [Heh.]

No doubt about it, the winds of change are clearly blowing over the Arab world - and the once-hopeless and despairing thugs are now trailblazing a new path: the path of hope and change, the path torward a brighter and more violent future; the way forward......