Sunday, September 9, 2012

Obama decimates NASA jobs and gloats; falsely takes credit for Mars Curiosity Rover mission

Speaking at a campaign rally in Melbourne, Florida on Sunday, President Obama boasted that he has created jobs in the Florida Space Coast, despite the fact that he canceled the Constellation Moon program launched in 2004 by President Bush, which resulted in the loss of 7000 jobs in the Kennedy Space Center. The Space Center layoffs also created a ripple effect which wiped out an additional 7000 jobs in the community and surrounding area.

Obama also gloated about the Mars Curiosity Rover program, despite the fact that the program was planned and devised during the Bush administration.

It is also worthy to note that Obama's 2013 budget would slash funding for NASA's Mars exploration program by nearly 39%.

An audacious rhetorician and crafty politician, indeed......