Monday, September 1, 2008

Biden: Israel Will Have to Reconcile Itself to a Nuclear Iran

As previously reported on this blog, Senator Joe Biden, over the last several years, has met with Pro Tehran lobbyists and even held a fund-raiser at the home of one such lobbyist, raising $30,000 for his senatorial campaign.

Concerning Senator Biden's views on a nuclear armed Iran, the Boston Globe, in 2005, noted as follows:
Some believe that nuclear weapons have become an "emotional necessity" for Iranians. Senator Joseph Biden said that even if Iran was a full democracy like India, it would want nuclear capability, like India. What the world needed to address was Iran's "emotional needs", he said, with a nonaggression pact.
Thus, it should come as no surprise that senator Biden reportedly told Israeli officials three years ago that Israel would have to come to terms with a nuclear Iran.

From the Jerusalem Post:
Security officials expressed concern Monday over statements reportedly made by US Democratic vice presidential candidate, Joseph Biden regarding Iran's nuclear program.

Army Radio reported that the senator was heard saying in closed conversations with Jerusalem officials three years ago that he was firmly opposed to an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

Biden reportedly claimed that Israel would likely have to come to terms with a nuclear Iran. He reportedly expressed doubt over the effectiveness of economic sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic and said he was against the opening of an additional military and diplomatic front, saying that the US had more pressing problems, such as North Korea and Iraq...
As of late, both Barack Obama and Joe Biden have taken on a stronger tone towards Tehran's nuclear ambitions, voicing their opposition to a nuclear armed Iran, but their previous statements on the matter belie these claims.

Obama was quoted back in May as saying: "Iran, Cuba, Venezuela? These countries are tiny compared to the Soviet Union! They don't pose any serious threat to us!"

When will the mainstream Conservative media and blogosphere begin to scrutinize Senator Biden's meeting with former Iranian foreign minister, Kamal Kharrazi during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and his meetings with pro Tehran lobbyists? Perhaps, there are those who will attempt to whitewash these lobbyists and paint them as good samaritans, who are simply working on behalf of the Iranian people. To these skeptics I say: Do your homework, you'll find out otherwise!

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