Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bill Clinton has Betrayed us!

From the LA Times:
Sen. John McCain on Thursday kept his promise to address the annual meeting in the Big Apple of the Clinton Global Initiative, founded to fight malaria, global warming, poverty and other ills that know no borders. McCain's wife, Cindy, and his running mate, Sarah Palin, came along to lend support....

Clinton was effusive in his introduction, saying he was "personally profoundly honored" and "profoundly grateful" that McCain showed up. Obama, he noted less warmly, would speak to the group later by satellite feed from Florida, where he's been encamped for prep sessions for the Friday debate that may or may not take place...
Now, I must tell you that I am really irked at Bill Clinton! If Barack Obama was unable to attend the meeting, Clinton should have immediately called Sen. McCain and disinvited him from the affair, just like the Iran rally organizers did last week when they withdrew their invitation from Sarah Palin after Hillary Clinton dropped out of the event and Sen. Biden told them he could not attend. Sen. Biden could have easily addressed the rally via satellite hook-up, but you and I both know, that is simply not the same thing.

Rally organizers did not want the affair into a partisan event and they rightfully withdrew their invitation from Sarah Plain. Conversely, Bill Clinton failed the test today by not taking similar action.

With Sen. McCain at attendance at the Global Initiative Meeting and Barack Obama holed up in Florida, the meeting turned into nothing more than a partisan, Republican affair. And that is simply not fair!

So what can we do about this grave injustice?

Here's my suggestion: When Democrats last week discovered that Sarah Palin had been invited to attend the Iran rally, they acted quickly, and wisely. They told organizers of the event that if Palin attended the rally their organization would lose its tax-exempt status. "The IRS is very clear," they said, "you have to have equal representation of candidates."

And so my fellow Democrats, it is time for us to take similar action. Please call your local IRS office and tell them that Bill Clinton's Global Initiative organization is nothing more than a political organization, an arm of John McCain and the Republican Party. Tell them to remove the tax-exempt status from Bill Clinton's organization. In doing so, you will send a loud and clear message to Mr. Clinton that we will not tolerate his coddling of John McCain, and we will not allow his Global Initiative Organization to become another arm of the Republican Party.

Yes, indeed, a new dawn is upon us. "Change" has finally arrived.