Saturday, September 20, 2008

Obama's 38 Lobbyists vs McCain's 7 Lobbyists - Obama Wins Hands Down!

"There's only one candidate whose campaign is being run by seven of Washington's most powerful lobbyists, and folks, it isn't me... So when John McCain says that lobbyists 'won't even get past the front gate' at his White House, my question is, 'Who's going to stop them?"
Barack Obama - Sept 20, 2008

'Barack Obama's... fundraising team includes THIRTY-EIGHT members of law firms that were paid $138 million last year to lobby the federal government, records show. Those lawyers, including 10 former federal lobbyists, have pledged to raise at least $3.5 million for the Illinois senator's presidential race. Employees of their firms have given Obama's campaign $2.26 million, a USA TODAY analysis of campaign finance data shows.''
USA Today - April 16 2008

38 - 7 - Obama wins hands down!

My only question is, 'When those 38 lobbyists try to get past the front gate of Obama's White House, who's going to stop them?'

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