Thursday, August 28, 2008

Barack Obama and Joe Biden, a Couple of 'Jimmy Carter Wannabes'

"The surge [in Iraq] isn't going to work either tactically or strategically".
Sen. Joe Biden in June of 2007, responding to Gen. Petraeus' plan to deploy additional troops to Iraq - Source - Chicago Tribune

The Tribune adds: "John McCain risked his political career to take the opposite view. He will not let Biden off the hook easily."

Unlike his Democratic opponents, who invariably bend to whichever direction is most politically expedient for them, John McCain supported the troop surge and put his political career at risk - because it was the right thing to do.

Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden were vehemently opposed to the troop surge. Biden, the so called 'foreign policy expert', also recommended that Iraq be partitioned into three separate regions, which, as the Chicago Tribune points out, would have left "the fragmented regions vulnerable to... Iran and Turkey." It also would have allowed the sectarian violence in the region to spiral totally out of control.

Yet, these 'losers' say they 'got it right' and McCain was wrong.

If Biden and Obama have their way, Iraq will soon become a proxy client of the Iranian regime. In fact, that's already a given, in their minds.

Just as Jimmy Carter allowed the Mullahs to gain control over Iran, Biden and Obama would empower the Iranian regime by allowing it undue influence in Iraq and by dallying with the regime over its nuclear weapons program.

Biden's foreign policy views and his ties to Iranian lobbyists with close connections to the Iranian Mullahcracy, are a recipe for disaster. And, if elected, Biden would usher in another 4 years of Jimmy-Carter-like diplomacy in the White House.

Both of these clowns are nothing but a couple of Jimmy Carter wannabes. Hopefully, the American people will not allow these two left-wing extremists to carry out their self destructive agendas.