Friday, August 8, 2008

John Voight Criticizes the Messiah, Ignites Hollywood Firestorm!

Several weeks ago, actor John Voight wrote an Op-ed piece in the Washington Times criticizing Barack Obama and accusing the Democratic Party of "creating a God-like figure in a man [Barack Obama] who falls short in every way."

Voight's remarks spurred criticism throughout the Liberal blogosphere

One Hollywood blogger, an ardent Obama supporter, labeled Voight "a diseased Wing-nut" and said that, "Honestly? If I were a producer and I had to make a casting decision about hiring Voight or some older actor who hadn't pissed me off with an idiotic Washington Times op-ed piece, I might very well say to myself, "Voight? Let him eat cake."

Voight accused Liberal Hollywood of blacklisting him.

CNN reports:

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