Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Joe Biden, an Advocate for the Mullahs of Iran

A diarist on Red State says that he ran across a comment in the comments section of Pajamas Media from an Iranian activist named Banafsheh - who says as follows:
Sen Biden's willingness to go to attend fundraisers (for his senatorial re-election) at the houses of rather questionable millionaire Iranians in Bel Air, who are founders of the Islamic Faith (Iman) Foundation and known to have deep ties with the Mullahs... reigning over Iran, is disconcerting to say the least...

Sen. Biden has refused to meet with Iranians opposed to the Mullahcracy in Iran lest they take him to task for his connections to the Qom-on-Bel air Iranians.

Not one Iranian that I know of, who is against dialoguing with the Mullahs has ever been bestowed an audience with this foreign policy maven of a Senator. Mr. Biden’s “discrete” meetings with various envoys of the Mullahcracy, in European cities, in the presence of disreputable Mullah-supporting members of the European Parliament is also well-known among us Iranians who do have very decent proposals which Mr. Biden has recalcitrantly refused to consider.
The commenter than goes on to criticize Senator Biden for his ties to a Mr. Houshang Amir-Ahamdi:
Amir Ahamadi though a professor at Rutgers University is the founder of a rather objectionable organization called the American Iranian Council (AIC) - which has some of the shadiest characters who were involved in the oil-for-food scandal on the various boards.

Amir-Ahmadi is an admitted supporter of the regime in Tehran and goes back and forth to Iran to meet with the Supreme Leader of the Khomeinist regime, Khamenei himself, as well as... Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Mr. Amir-Ahmadi in fact nominated himself for president of Iran in 2005...

Mr. Biden has been flown to various events and lodged at the most expensive hotels by Mr. Amir-Ahamdi and his group in order to promote the... normalization of relations with a regime that continues to execute innocent Iranians of all ages, sexes, creeds, religions and backgrounds. Mr. Biden is the last person who I as an Democrat would nominate as a vice president, all partisan sentimentality aside.
The Diarist on Red State wonders if these allegations are true.

I've already linked to several sources - here and here - which indicate that all this is indeed true. There's no denying that Sen. Biden met these people and held fundraisers with them. Nor is there any denying that he supports direct negotiations between the US and the Iranian Mullahcrat regime.

And of course, there is this item from the Boston Globe:
Some believe that nuclear weapons have become an "emotional necessity" for Iranians. Senator Joseph Biden said that even if Iran was a full democracy like India, it would want nuclear capability, like India. What the world needed to address was Iran's "emotional needs", he said, with a nonaggression pact.
What more do you need to know about Senator Biden and Barack Obama's views on Iran?
"Iran, Cuba, Venezuela? These countries are tiny compared to the Soviet Union! They don't pose any serious threat to us!"