Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bill Ayers, Obama's VP?

Marc Ambinder writes:

Early in the spring, Barack Obama asked John Kerry for his advice on the vice presidential selection process. Kerry was too happy to oblige. Choose someone, he told Obama, that you trust completely. Don't expect the process to build trust...

This was, of course, the lesson that Kerry learned from 2004; he thought he could trust John Edwards... It didn't work...

Assuming Obama agrees, it stands to reason that he won't choose someone he does not trust ALREADY...

I would have to agree with Marc on this one. Trust is of utmost importance for any Presidential candidate.

All you need to do is take a look at what happened with Obama's longtime spiritual mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Wright refused to keep his yap shut and Obama was forced to throw him under the bus to save his Presidential campaign from sinking into oblivion. Indeed, Obama has had his share of problems from people he mistakenly thought were his friends.

However, if I were advising Obama , I would recommend he tap his longtime buddy from the UIC - the distinguished Professor Bill Ayers - as his running mate.

Yes, I admit, Mr. Ayers is a controversial figure, but throughout this Presidential campaign he has never once betrayed the Messiah's trust. In spite of all the recent revelations detailing Obama's close ties to Ayers, the former Pentagon bomber has remained silent and has never once discussed the matter openly. [Some believe, Ayers may actually be the one behind the UIC's decision not to allow Stanley Kurtz access to a cache of documents housed in the Richard J. Daley Library at the UIC that could possibly shed additional light on Obama's close relationship with Ayers]

Will there be an initial backlash if Obama taps the former Weather Underground terrorist as his running mate? Perhaps - but ultimately, I believe the left will become enamored with Mr. Ayers crazed ideologies just as they have become enamored with Barack Obama's crazed ideologies.

Infanticide? Pentagon bombings? What's there not to love about these two charming fellows?

Ultimately, picking a VP is all about trust, and Bill Ayers is definitely someone you could trust - as long as you're standing on the same side of the fence as he is.........

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