Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obama Campaign Selling Free Tickets for $1000 a Piece!

There's something inherently crooked about the Obama campaign. Either that, or the campaign is hopelessly addicted to unethical [and quite often, illegal] fund-rasing schemes. The Monir Edwan donations were among several of the many suspicious contributions that Pamela Geller of the Atlas Shrugs blog discovered while perusing Obama's FEC files. And now we find out about the Obama campaign's latest scheme.

CBS4 news has confirmed that 2 known Democratic supporters have expressed outrage after being solicited to buy tickets to Barack Obama's acceptance speech. The tickets were supposed to be free. The Obama campaign spokesman in Colorado says the tickets are free and the convention committee says the tickets are free, but one source told CBS4 he was solicited 3 times to buy tickets for one thousand dollars a piece. The solicitor is a consultant for the Obama campaign.

The source, a known Democratic supporter, says the Obama campaign is apparently running an underground, unethical fund raising operation that is being kept secret from the public.

An e mail directed the source to a link on Obama's official campaign website. The link takes you to a little known page to buy tickets for one thousand dollars a piece. The email says "don't be concerned about the voter address on the website, it's the secret code that will get you club level access at Invesco Field".

A CBS4 reporter made several attempts to access the same page on the Obama website, but was not able to do so. It appears to be limited to big donors actively being pursued by party insiders. Only after the CBS4 reporter copied the link from the source was she able to access the "underground operation". And after the reporter made calls and pressed the Obama campaign for answers the web-page - mysteriously - shut down, saying "no more tickets available". - Source Digital Journal

I believe that Obama's campaign staffers need to seek out psychological help immediately. Their shady fund-raising tactics probably won't harm Barack Obama's Presidential campaign or his so called "squeaky clean" image, considering he has the mainstream media in his back pocket. However, these starry-eyed campaign staffers could find themselves in deep trouble one day if they don't break their addiction to unethical [and often illegal] fund-raising schemes soon. And they better get psychological help forthwith - before it's too late!

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