Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ahmadinejad Admits Iran is Developing nuclear weapons, The Facade has been shattered

From the AP:
Iran's hard-line president criticized as "disgraceful" a 2003 deal his predecessor reached with Europe to freeze the country's nuclear program, saying his own decision to stand up to the West restored Iran's dignity.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been touting Iran's nuclear achievements ahead of the June presidential election, hoping to offset criticism from his opponents that he has spent too much time slamming the West and not enough focused on the country's faltering economy.
Well, well, well, Americans have been criticizing Obama for spending too much time slamming Dick Cheney and the Bush administration, rather than focusing on America's problems [see the recent survey at the end of my previous post], and lo and behold, Obama's Iranian counterpart is receiving the exact same criticism from his fellow countrymen. Heh....
Former President Mohammad Khatami, a reformist who favors 'improving ties with the West', struck a deal with Britain, France and Germany in October 2003 to suspend Iran's uranium enrichment program and give the U.N. nuclear watchdog unrestricted access to the country's nuclear facilities.
Clarification: The Mullahs suspended their uranium enrichment program in October of 2003, not because they wanted "to improve ties with the West", but because the US invasion of Iraq in March of 2003 [7 months earlier] had them shaking in their boots.
The deal, which was signed at Sa'adabad Palace in Tehran, was aimed at easing Western fears that Iran was seeking to build nuclear weapons...

"Enemies have designed colonial policies. When they drew up the disgraceful agreement in their Sa'adabad meeting, they considered the Iranian nation finished," Ahmadinejad was quoted by his Web site as telling a group of Iranians on Wednesday in Semnan, 125 miles east of Tehran.

Iran tested a new missile in Semnan on Wednesday capable of striking Israel, U.S. Mideast bases and parts of Europe, a launch that also burnished Ahmadinejad's hard-line reputation ahead of the June 12 election.

Khatami actually reversed the nuclear freeze and resumed uranium reprocessing activities in August 2005, shortly before Ahmadinejad took office. He acted in response to international demands to permanently halt Iran's nuclear program.
Wrong! Khatami's reversal had nothing to do with international demands, but rather he took notice of how the Dems were ganging up on President Bush, criticizing him for going to war with Iraq and labeling him a warmonger. Consequently, Khatami realized he could now resume full speed ahead with his nuclear program, for the Democrats in congress were now watching his back.
Ahmadinejad said his resistance to caving in to international pressure led to Iran mastering the enrichment process. He said Iran's nuclear abilities prevented the U.S. from invading the country after wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
But I thought Iran was only processing low-grade uranium to produce alternative energy! How could Iran's nuclear abilities prevent the U.S. from invading Iran, if it wasn't developing weapons-grade uranium?


Yes, I know, the Obamalites will respond to this argument, claiming that even if the Iranians were developing nuclear weapons, they don't have them yet, so this must have been mere rhetoric on Ahmadinejad's part.

Perhaps, but one thing seems pretty clear: Ahmadinejad spilled the beans and admitted Iran was indeed developing nuclear weapons, otherwise, its nuclear cabilities could not have possibly prevented the U.S. from invading Iran, as Ahmadinejad had suggested.

So next time the Iranian President insists his country's nuclear program is solely designed for energy purposes, we have his own admission clearly proving otherwise. Which means Ahmadinejad has dropped his facade once-and-for-all. The fake, phony ElBaradei and his IAEA minions can go home now, we really don't need them anymore. [Not that we ever really needed them in the first place.]
The Obama administration has stepped up diplomatic efforts to convince Iran to change its behavior but has received a mixed response from Ahmadinejad...
Mixed response?!! You can't "clench" your fist any tighter than that!

Heck! this wasn't merely fist-clenching! Ahmadinejad gave Obama "the finger", BIG TIME!

P.S. If you haven't seen the following post already, check out what the Iranian President has to say about appeasement and about "compromising with the enemy". A lesson for Obama, indeed. Click here.