Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Will Limbaugh be forced to register as an Independent?

Conservative radio host, Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday tendered his resignation as "titular head of the Republican Party."

Limbaugh told his audience that he'd been anointed head of the GOP against his will "by the mainstream media and the Obama White House" - not by the GOP. The popular Conservative icon asserted that this was not a title he had sought, but because so many people believe he is the "titular head" of the GOP, he was tendering his resignation. "No mas, no mas," he proclaimed, "no more, no more, I quit!"

Limbaugh went on to say, tongue in cheek, that "there frankly is someone far more qualified... and more in tune with today's republican party than I, to be not only its titular head, but it's real head. And that would be General Colin Powell. So I now pass the the baton to General Colin Powell...."

Unfortunately, when many, who are seen as emblematic of the GOP, are spurning creationism, adapting moderate positions on abortion and embracing other Liberal ideologies, it may be just the right time for Limbaugh to resign.
"I’d accept legal abortion in the very, very early stages of pregnancy, before the embryo can feel pain..."
That's nice of you....... But what about the old adage, "no pain, no gain?" Hmmm?

But one question still remains: Will Limbaugh ultimately be forced to part ways with his party altogether and register as an independent?

With the winds blowing left inside the GOP, you just never know....

More verbal exchanges between Limbaugh and Powell, here.

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