Tuesday, May 26, 2009

'The Axis of Virtue', a Dream Come True!

Intelligence reports coming out of Israel suggest that Venezuela has been supplying Iran with uranium and that Tehran has been setting up Hezbollah terror cells in north Venezuela.

Now, I haven't the foggiest notion who's supplying uranium to Iran, but if Venezuela is indeed the culprit, it really shouldn't be much of a concern to us. On the contrary, we now have a president who's expressed a genuine interest in negotiating with both the leaders of Iran and Venezuela. The president already had an amiable, albeit, brief chat with Hugo Chavez several weeks ago. Thus, the ice has already been broken, at least with regards to Venezuela.

The rest is easy as pie.

Obama need only to meet with Hugo Chavez and appeal to him to stop supplying uranium to Iran. Then he just needs to sit down with Mr. Ahmadinejad and implore him not to accept any more uranium from Mr. Chavez. That's all, it's really quite simple! Perhaps Obama could even borrow a page from Mr. Chavez' playbook and present Mr. Ahmadinejad with a signed copy of his best selling book, The Audacity of Hope. For ultimately, it is these kind of small but significant gestures that have the power to create affectionate and enduring relationships with rogue leaders.

Admitedly, just a few short months ago this all would have been but a chimerical and fanciful illusion. But now, with Obama at the helm, there's a certain sense of audacity and a feeling of hope in the air. What began many years ago as a simple dream from a father has now evolved into reality and has become a vehicle of change that is steadily transforming our past relationships with rogue tyrants.

What's more, if Kim Jong-il ever decides to meet with the president, Iran, Venezuela and North Korea could ultimately become a veritable Axis of Virtue!... How great is that!

Indeed, just a few short months ago this all would have been but an absurd fantasy. But as the Wonder of Obama begins to unfold before our very eyes, it is clear that the Free World has never been safer than it is right now....

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