Monday, May 11, 2009

Pelosi Deserves a Medal!

Yes, you read the post-title correctly! Rush Limbaugh made that declaration on his radio program on Monday.

"And why," you are probably asking yourselves, "does Nancy Pelosi deserve a medal?"

Answer: Because - as it has recently been revealed - she knew about the CIA's waterboarding/ harsh interrogation techniques, and yet, she kept it all under wraps because she knew these procedures were keeping America safe from terrorist attacks.

Of course, she now disavows this noble and patriotic gesture. But regardless of her current denials and prevarications, she still deserves credit for keeping her mouth shut at a time when American lives were in jeopardy. That's why Rush Limbaugh believes the eminent House Speaker is deserving of a medal.

Here's a few excerpts from Rush Limbaugh's website - transcript:
RUSH: Folks, do you remember that line you learned when you were a little kid -- the philosophy question, logic question -- "If a tree falls in the forest and no one's there, does it make a sound?" Remember that question?

Well, there's a new version of this that I, ladies and gentlemen, would like to put forth: "If a liberal tells a whopper of a lie and no one reports it, is it a lie?" ...

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were as on-board as Dick Cheney was with waterboarding... She is lying through the teeth about being unaware of this. If a liberal tells a whopper of a lie and nobody reports it, is it a lie?...

But I think Nancy Pelosi actually deserves our praise -- and she might even deserve a medal. She was the guardian of waterboarding... When all of these techniques were being used against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the others at Guantanamo Bay, Nancy Pelosi knew they were being used. She was in on the briefings! She stayed silent. Nancy Pelosi was the guardian of waterboarding. Her silence permitted us to gain valuable intel. She deserves a medal.
Perhaps we should all write to the president and beseach him to give Nancy Pelosi a medal . After all, it's the least we can do to thank her for helping to keep this country safe - isn't it?.....

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MAS1916 said...

Missed this bit of spin! Nice job as always by Rush.

We'll wait for MoveOn to get ahold of Pelosi though.. that will be interesting.

Conservatives have Pelosi to thank for a number of things to be optimistic about. There will be a conservative resurgence when it is revealed and accepted by the press that liberal economic policies always fail. Obama and Pelosi will demonstrate this so that even Democrats will be capable of understanding.

For now, conservatives should be optimistic! for a list of reasons for hope, you can hit: