Sunday, May 10, 2009

Obama & Biden mock each other with Dogged Determination

At the White House Correspondence dinner on Saturday, Barack Obama made the following joke:

“All this change hasn’t been easy,” he said, reflecting on his early days in the White House. “Change never is. So I’ve cut the tension by bringing in a new friend to the White House. He’s warm, cuddly, loyal, enthusiastic, and you have to keep him on a tight leash because every now and then he goes charging off in the wrong direction and gets himself in trouble.”


“Enough about Joe Biden,” he deadpanned.

This wasn't the first time that Obama addressed the Vice president in such fashion, as evidenced by the following video:

However, Mr. Biden - not one to take such jabs sitting sitting down - made sure to return the president's barbs.

On Sunday, after delivering the commencement address at Syracuse University, Mr. Biden stopped by to chat with students at Bellevue Elementary School:
During the intense question and answer period between Biden and the students, one child asked the vice president if he had ever petted a dog.

“Yeah, but guess what? I’ve got a dog that lives with me,” Biden replied. “The smartest, coolest dog in the world.”

“The new dog I have is only five months old and his name is Champ,” Biden told the schoolkids.

“My dog is smarter than Bo, his [Obama's] dog,” he jabbed.

“I think so,” he taunted. Yeah, I do!”
Perhaps Mr. Biden is correct, but I'd first like to hear Bo's opinion on the matter........

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