Tuesday, May 5, 2009

White House won't release Pics of Air Force One Flyover? Why not Create your Own Pic?!

From Confederate Yankee:
The New York Post is reporting that the $328,835 photo op organized by the White House that terrified New Yorkers will not be released. Apparently, an Administration willing to release classified interrogation photos that will be used for terrorist recruiting and inciting attacks against deployed soldiers can't bring itself to release photos of a public event for fear of causing President Obama some indirect personal

However, for those of you who were planning on hanging a photo of the Air Force One flyover on their living room wall, no need to sweat! If the White House won't release those photos, you can always create your own! As CNET explains:
With a few basic Photo shop skills and an Air Force One press photo, we're betting you can make some pretty convincing images of Air Force One flyovers, without sending people running in the streets.
It's really very simple. As CNET explains: 1) Simply find a photo of Air force One on the Internet. 2)Take one of your own photos of tech landmarks and locations and paste in Air Force One! Voila! Air Force One flyover! [ed. note: Of course, this would merely be a photo taken from outside the plane and you've probably seen dozens of those already. But, you know how the the old adage goes, "beggars can't be choosers". Sorry about that]

And, in case you were wondering: The above photo was created by CNET (sorry, but I'm not that artistic), and so was the photo below:

Nevertheless, for those Obamalytes and Bush bashers who'd prefer to hang a CIA interrogation photo in their living rooms, no need to worry. The White House will be releasing those photos soon. It's the least they can do to appease the aggrieved terrorists............