Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Audacity of Brandenburg

From the AFP:
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has slammed a request by Barack Obama to give a speech this month before the Brandenburg Gate as inappropriate, her deputy spokesman said Wednesday.

The conservative leader said that while she would be pleased to meet the US Democratic presidential hopeful, it would be wrong for him to hold a "campaign rally" at the historic symbol of German unity.

"It is unusual to do electioneering abroad," spokesman Thomas Steg told reporters.

"It is unusual to hold election rallies abroad. No German candidate for high office would even think of using the National Mall (in Washington) or Red Square in Moscow for a rally because it would not be seen as appropriate."
That Obama would even think of delivering a political campaign speech abroad, using the Brandenburg Gate as a backdrop, [and mimicking an official head of state] envinces an arrogance and audaciousness never seen before in a Presidential candidate.

This man never ceases to amaze me! Nothing is off limits to him!

Jeff Chidester comments:
Obama only needs to show up in Europe to receive an enthusiastic reception. Socialists can smell a fellow Socialist from across the ocean. In the crowd will be the usual Leftists holding their signs referring to President Bush as “Hitler,” and Obama will stand there smiling. Obama will explain how America under George Bush has failed the Europeans, and that when he is elected, Europeans will be equal partners with America.