Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Complete "Ich Bin Ein" Roundup

In an effort to adhere to Barack Obama's latest directive that Americans begin learning foreign languages, I've decided to to link to Rachel Sklar's comprehensive roundup of all the "Ich Bin Ein" headlines in the news - including "Ich bin ein Commander", "Ich Bin Ein Jet-Setter", "Ich bin ein Amerikaner", "Ich Bin Ein Berlitzer", "Ich Bin Ein Starbucks" and "Ich bin ein Beginner." You could read it all at the Huffington Post.

In a follow up post, Sklar clears up some confusion about John F. Kennedy's famous "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" speech and whether or not he was actually proclaiming himself to be a jelly doughnut. Hmmm... Perhaps, that's why the Germans found JFK to be so tanatlizing! You could read her followup post here. And of course there's Gerald Warner's article, where he opines that "if Obama really wants to identify with Middle America and its appetites he should have chosen a different German city as the venue to declare: "Ich bin ein Hamburger". You could read his column - entitled "Barack Obama campaign just a JFK re-enactment Society" - by clicking here.

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