Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Barack Obama campaign just a JFK re-enactment Society

Excerpted from the Telegraph UK blogs:

Barack Obama, in his quest to become the second black president of America after Bill Clinton.. is tottering perilously on the cliff-edge of caricature. Next week he will emulate John F Kennedy's speech in Berlin. Iconoclasts falsely claimed that Kennedy's famous line "Ich bin ein Berliner" translated idiomatically as "I am a jelly doughnut." Although that was untrue, if Obama really wants to identify with Middle America and its appetites he should have chosen a different German city as the venue to declare: "Ich bin ein Hamburger."

The hollow note in the Obama campaign is its relentlessly derivative character, constantly imitating popular precedents when it is supposed to be the vehicle for a uniquely New Deal...

The Obama campaign is... big on rhetoric, media manipulation and pzazz, short on substance. What there is of substance is deeply ominous for America. Obama is so liberal he is off the radar. The National Journal's rating system, based on votes in the Senate, showed Obama was the 16th most liberal senator in 2005, the 10th in 2006 and the most liberal senator in 2007.

He has massive approval ratings from all the harpie pressure groups whose obsession is to maximise the killing of American babies.... He opposed a bill in the Illinois State Senate to prevent the killing of infants accidentally left alive by abortion.

The impetus behind the Obama phenomenon is the recognition that at some point there will be a black president and it will be a holistic moment for America. On this basis, the liberal media have set a bandwaggon rolling, without regard to the quality of the candidate, who increasingly displays naivety on foreign policy and economics.

The truth is that a white candidate with Obama's liberal agenda would have been shunted off to join George McGovern in the dustbin of radical history round about the stage of the New Hampshire primaries. America does not do liberal. In terms of healing racial wounds, it would have been preferable if the first black contender had been a Republican or conservative Democrat, rather as Margaret Thatcher became our first woman prime minister owing nothing to the feminist sisterhood.

Obama's agenda fuels the paranoia of nocturnal cross-burners in Mississippi, just as his lack of originality inspires wider distrust. In America's current crisis, a JFK re-enactor is as useful as an Elvis impersonator.

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