Sunday, July 20, 2008

McCain Clarifies his Position on Timeline to Get Obama Out of Iraq

In a post entitled, "McCain Backs Timeline to Get Obama Out of Iraq", Scrappleface editor, Scott Ott reported earlier today:

Republican presidential nominee John McCain today for the first time said he can now support a timeline to reduce the American presence in Iraq, specifically advocating the withdrawal from Iraq of Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama, and several battalions of U.S. news anchors and reporters.

“It’s time to bring them home,” said Sen. McCain at a news conference attended by an journalism intern from the Des Moines Register. “The surge has worked, and it’s time to redeploy.”

Sen. McCain said bringing Sen. Obama home would help to ensure that “people in the U.S., who desperately need media attention, will get the help they deserve.”

“Our mainstream media forces are stretched too thin,” he said. “If news should break here in the homeland, who’s going to cover it? We’re vulnerable.”

However, "Obama Report" foreign correspondent, Bill Brandenburg tells us that Senator McCain has since issued a clarification of his earlier statement, now saying that "it would be perfectly fine" with him "if Obama and the mainstream media remain in Iraq for another 100 years".

"We've had a media presence in Japan for 60 years," McCain said, "We've had journalists and embassy officials in South Korea for 50 years or so. That’d be fine with me if Obama and the mainstream media remain in Iraq for 100 years, as long as they are not getting injured, and they agree to abandon their native tongue and adopt Arabic, Farsi or German as their new language."

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