Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bin Laden funeral prayers in Kuwait turns into scuffle - despite approval from Obama

Muslim groups clashed with one another inside a Kuwait Mosque on Monday. Conflicting reports have emerged over how the scuffle began.

According to one report, a group of around 120 people tried to conduct "funeral prayers" for Osama Bin Laden inside the Ihsan Mosque in Kuwait City. When the imam of the mosque tried to stop them, he was beaten and had to be taken to a hospital. An activist who led the funeral prayer group said the prayers for Bin Laden were intended to honor “a Muslim who had been killed by disbelievers.”

According to other sources, it was the Imam who requested that prayer services be held in honor of the terrorist chief - which subsequently led to the scuffle. However, the former is likely the correct version.

In any case, this whole scuffle could have been averted had the two sides confided with President Obama over the matter, as he surely would have advised them to conduct the prayer services: The President recently told 60 Minutes that he decided to give Osama Bin Laden a proper Islamic burial at sea, with prayer services, out of respect to the terrorist leader's corpse.

We wanted "to find something that was appropriate" and "respectful of the body", said Obama

Hence, Obama's opinion on the matter couldn't be any clearer, but apparently worshipers at the Kuwait City mosque were unaware of his stance.

It's a shame.....

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