Thursday, May 19, 2011

Will Obama's outreach to the Taliban incite another uprising?

Will the President's decision to engage in direct talks with senior Afghan Taliban leaders provoke another Muslim uprising?

Clearly, the pro Democracy elements in Afghanistan are not keen on seeing the return of a Taliban-led government, or a government partnered with the Taliban for that matter.

Hence, while Obama professes his support for the Arab uprisings and for pro Democracy movements in the Middle East, he is suppressing Democracy in Afghanistan - and that, in turn, may lead to an uprising in the country.

Of course, the Taliban would immediately squash any kind of uprising by means of execution and/or via the severing of limbs. Obama, in turn, will excoriate the Taliban - and then head off to the Golf course. And, when the extremists gain control of Egypt, Obama will condemn them too. Naturally, he'll blame the previous administration for allowing it to occur, and then, I suppose, he'll head off to another fundraiser.....

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