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Obama released Al Qaeda courier, weapons procurer, in '09

While the Obama administration was attempting to close down the military prison in Guantanamo Bay in 2009, it released a number of suspected terrorists. The administration also transfered a number of suspected terrorists to various countries where they were eventually released. It goes without saying that many of these detainees, contrary to their claims, were indeed terrorists, and not merely suspected terrorists. Nevertheless, for now, we will focus on one of the detainees, Abdullahi Sudi Arale, who, according to documents released by wikileaks, also goes by the alias, Ismael Arale.

From the Daily Mail:
Information obtained from Guantanamo Bay detainees... reveals that Al-Qaeda's African leader, Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, also known as Harun Fazal, trained a number of Britons at a terror factory in Mogadishu.

He is wanted in the U.S for carrying out the attacks on the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 in which 258 people were killed...
Incidentally, it's worthy to note that the information pertaining to Mr. Mohammed came from Gitmo detainees, but of course, who needs that information when we could simply close down Gitmo and suffice with less information, right?

From the Express Tribune:
Fazul Abdullah Mohammad’s facilitator in Pakistan was a Somali man named Abdullahi Sudi Arale, who reportedly served as a courier between al Qaeda’s East Africa cell and its operatives in Pakistan. He was captured in 2007, held at Guantanamo and transferred to Somalia in 2009....
Reuters reported in 2007:
"We believe [Abdullahi Sudi Arale] to be an extremely dangerous member of the al Qaeda terrorist network. He served as a courier between East Africa al Qaeda and al Qaeda in Pakistan," Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said.

"We have significant information that indicates that Arale ... has been assisting various East African al Qaeda-affiliated extremists in acquiring weapons and explosives."...

Arale also facilitated terrorist travel by providing false documents for al Qaeda agents and foreign fighters traveling into Somalia, the Pentagon said.
From the Miami Herald - December 19, 2009:
The United States has freed a dozen men from Guantanamo -- including one of the last captives sent there by the Bush administration -- in a mission that dropped detainees off in Yemen, Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa...

The massive transfer included the largest single release of Yemenis since the detention center was opened in January 2002, perhaps signaling a tentative effort to solve one of the thorniest issues bedeviling the White House order to empty the controversial prison camps...

In Somaliland..., those freed Somalis were Ismael Arale, 45, and Mohamed Suleiman Barre, 44.

Arale and Barre were processed by the Somaliland government and then released to rejoin their families in Hargeisa, the major city in Somaliland...
Free like a bird!
The United States does not recognize the government in Somaliland and there were no official statements on how Arale and Barre arrived there. A local newspaper, the Somaliland Press, said they arrived aboard a jet provided by the International Committee of the Red Cross, suggesting that the United States had released the men to the Red Cross in a third country...

Arale... was one of the last detainees ever taken to Guantanamo.

The Pentagon said in a June 6, 2007, announcement that Arale "exemplifies the genuine threat that the United States and other countries face throughout the world from dangerous extremists.''

It also noted, "The detainees being held at Guantanamo have provided information essential to our ability to better understand how al Qaeda operates and thus to prevent future attacks."
The Weekly Standard noted in 2009 as follows:
In June 2007, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman called Arale a "high-value detainee." That phrase was reserved for less than twenty detainees. As far as I know, the U.S. has never transferred a "high-value detainee" from its
Conclusion: The CIA expanded a considerable amount of energy tracking Bin Laden's courier, which ultimately led to Bin Laden's demise, and yet, Mr. Arale, who served as a courier between al Qaeda’s East Africa cell and its operatives in Pakistan [and, who assisted various East African al Qaeda-affiliated extremists in acquiring weapons and explosives], is free like a bird, thanks to Obama.

So, let's close down Gitmo, free the terrorists - and prosecute the CIA operatives who interrogated the terrorists - the likes of Abdullahi Sudi Arale.

Make sense?

If you believe in "Change" and "Hope", it makes plenty of sense.......

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