Friday, May 13, 2011

Robert Gates: Obama Administration leaks jeopardizing Safety of Navy SEALs - VIDEO

Speaking to Marines at Camp Lejeune on Thursday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates expressed concern over the safety of the Navy SEALs who killed Al Qaeda chief, Osama Bin Laden. The threat of retaliation against the elite and classified SEAL squadron - SEAL team 6 - has increased after operational details were leaked to the press by the Obama administration.

The Defense Secretary's remarks came in response to a question from a Marine who asked him what measures were being taken to protect "the identities and the lives" of the SEALs involved in the raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound.

CNN noted that 'the Marine's question underscored sentiment among military and intelligence communities that identification of the team signified an unprecedented breach of confidentiality.'

"I would tell you that when I met with the team last Thursday, they expressed a concern about that, and particularly with respect to their families," said Gates in response to the Marine's question. "Frankly, a week ago Sunday, in the Situation Room, we all agreed that we would not release any operational details from the effort to take out bin Laden. That all fell apart on Monday, the next day."...

Weazel Zippers notes
But hey, Obama got to spike that football and dance in the end zone. That’s what really matters … Not the penalty to the team.
"Spiking the football", "political grandstanding", call it what you will, but the leaks have prompted concerns from the SEALs and their families, who are now worried for their lives - thanks to Obama and company.

Apparently, "the penalty to the team" is of little concern to the White House.

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